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Tokio Hotel Intoxicated
Our boys on soundtrack 
10th-Nov-2008 06:49 pm
Times of the Internet is reporting that a Mexican movie, Bajo la Sal (Under the Salt), has Scream by Tokio Hotel as a part of its soundtrack. Other artists include Marilyn Manson, Kinky, Satin Dolls, and more. To read a translation of the article by Heinz of our forum and to see the trailer, look below the break. The trailer is playing Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson.

The directors of Mexican film Bajo la Sal had announced the edition of the soundtrack.

"Among the groups participating there’s Kinky, Satin Dolls, San Pascualito Rey, Bengala, Tokio Hotel and Marilyn Manson, with other prominent musicians.

Herminio Gutiérrez, one of the album producers, said during a press conference that they made a cautions selection, thus giving weight to the soundtrack.
The disc includes the tracks, Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson; Hansel & Gretel’s bollywood history from Porter; Scream from Tokio Hotel; Dime of Satin Dolls and How do they do that? from Kinky, and Cosas Infinitas of Bengala as the main theme, along with others.

The movie from the director Mario Muñoz, about several cases of femicide in a fictional town, and as the characters tried to solve them, has been well received by the public."

from tokiohotelnetwork
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