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Tokio Hotel Intoxicated
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3rd-Nov-2008 05:04 pm - From buzznet
Tokio Hotel to Perform at KIIS FM Jingle Ball on Dec 6th

Tokio Hotel will be performing at 102.7 KIIS FM's Jingle Ball on Saturday, December 6th at Honda Center in Anaheim, CA! Also set to perform are Chris Brown, The Pussycat Dolls, Katy Perry, Jesse McCartney, David Banner, Estelle, and Menudo!

Tickets go on sale to KIIS Club VIP members only on Friday, November 7th from 10 AM to 10 PM.
Public tickets go on sale Saturday, November 8th at 10 AM via Ticketmaster.com and other retail outlets.

For detailed information on the show and ticket information CLICK!

Oh, I want to go.
3rd-Nov-2008 03:02 pm - Dating: Very tough!
I think it's safe to say I just died a little. Bill is SO absolutely and utterly...adorable, to say the least. Especially when he says, "It's vewy tough"

1st-Nov-2008 11:03 pm - Icon CRAZE
So, I might have gotten a little carried away with the Bill icons tonight...;] Just a small little warning, lots of hearts lie ahead!


More past the cutCollapse ). Feel free to take and use as always!
1st-Nov-2008 07:26 pm - Update: MTV Buzzworthy
Unanswered questions...


Buzzworthy: Bill, everyone wants to know what’s up with your new tattoo? Can you show it to us?
Bill: I can’t show the tattoo because it’s very huge, and I have to take off all my clothes[*we don't mind!*], but I can say I have German words. But I don’t wanna tell the story about. Maybe a little bit later. But it’s a huge tattoo, and… I don’t know. I think I was at the tattoo studio for four hours. (In Germany.) And it hurts a lot.

Tom: And in German it means ‘Tom is my idol.’

Buzzworthy: Lots of fans are talking about the rumor that you’re going to be collaborating Miley Cyrus. Is that true?
Tom: Yeah we heard that. It’s not true.

Bill: Yeah no. [*thank heavens*] Nothing is planned. We just met her at the VMAs, and she’s very cool, but no. There’s no duet or something planned.


All of this tattoo dramz is making my head hurt!
1st-Nov-2008 01:42 pm - *Click* For full view!
Here's some more goodies!Collapse ) Feel free to take and use whatever. =]
31st-Oct-2008 01:34 pm(no subject)
Well, I guess we should get a little festive today, huh?

Their english has gotten so good. And dear god, I can't get enough of Bill's laugh! The guys try out some new candy for Halloween. Warheads and Pixie shots!
30th-Oct-2008 01:04 am - Some old goodies
Well, usually boredom sets in during the evening/morning and this is the result. Me failing to go to class is going to kick me in the ass!...God, I know, don't say it. Anyways, Old icons, Follow the pretty cut!Collapse ) OR ELSE!! Okay, I'm still a bit sour since I didn't get to see the lovely display of ink on Bill's hip/side/back area...mmm.
29th-Oct-2008 07:49 pm(no subject)
New TH community. Bill says, let the games beginCollapse )
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